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Posted on 26th October 2011 in Personal

Hi! i’m bella, have i mentioned that? If not, i sincerely apologize…sometimes i get ahead of myself!

bella hasn’t always been my name. In fact i’ve been bella a relativity short time.
You see, bella is my slave name. Well, part of it, more properly, it is belladonna. (And even that isn’t even my full name,if the truth be told! my Master loves names, both of the pet and proper varieties.)
Before i was belladonna, i was Donna. When my Love came along, He called me “My Bella Donna” quite often. i loved it, no one had ever called me anything like that before in my life. And then the time came, when i became my Master’s slave, a story unto itself that i will tell another time. There was a period of time, where we were “unofficial”…we were Master and slave, and referred to each other as such, but we hadn’t yet taken our formal vows to one another. During this unofficial time, Master told me that when we took our vows, i would receive my slave name. And He told me that if He liked this name well enough, it would supplant my own.
This idea scared me to pieces. i didn’t want to give up my lovely name, that my mother had wanted for me for so long, that i had always lived with and had never been called anything but. my Master mentioned he had, perhaps, a Slavic name in mind for me, enjoying the Slavic-slave connection. And so, i thought, if i am to have a new name, perhaps i can have a say in it. i spent a couple days researching names, both Slavic, and not, and presented a list to Master. He gave no hint, and i had days to wait.
i was impatient…one of my worst traits!…and i pestered Master for a hint.
But none came, and so i had to relax, and try not to worry.
And finally, the night came. We said our vows, and my new name was bestowed upon me. belladonna.
i thought it so beautiful, i cried.
Master loved my new name so much, He asked me to change my name permanently. i happily agreed, though it hasn’t happened just yet.
i really do love my name, and i really do think it’s beautiful.
In fact, it’s literally beautiful…belladonna, does, after all, translate to “beautiful woman.”

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