How “We” came to be…

Posted on 3rd November 2011 in Personal

i’ve actually been meaning to post this for a few days now, but i’m grasping at what to write about for tonight’s essay and so i’m here to get my writerly juices flowing.

Master and i met online late August 2010. It was on a social networking site, rather vanilla, but intended for adults only. (i won’t say here what site it was, but if you ask, i will tell you privately. It’s not intended to be a dating site or anything, lol, though some people use it that way.) We struck up a nice casual relationship, flirting and chatting, commenting on each other’s pictures. He freely told me about His slave, and i was a single girl. Something about Him struck me…He was funny, charming, smart, and so open, unashamed of the fact that He was a Master. Time passed, and we were happy enough to continue along this path, neither of us thinking it was ever going to be anything but a casual relationship, as we passed one another online. We lived too far apart, we were both to shy to say we had deeper feelings, and i couldn’t chase after another girl’s man, open relationship or not. i got involved with someone for a short time, and Master backed off. That relationship turned out to be an abysmal failure all around, but i got reminded of what i really wanted.

Forward to May 2011…not long out of the failed relationship, i was about ready to give up on love completely. i was miserable, tired, and missing my favorite flirt partner. i posted up a few new pics, and hey! i got comments from my favorite person! (He always gave me the best, if not the first, comments on my pics. :) ) So, in a moment of bravery, i started chatting Him up. i gave Him my contact information off-site, and He pounced on it. Over the next two days, we chatted, our flirting getting deeper, more serious, and then, we made love. (It might have been cyber-sex, but trust me, it was love-making just the same.) We each confessed we had loved one another from afar for a long time, and from that day on, we’ve been together. (Well, there were a couple days we weren’t technically, which i’ll talk about in another post.) And so, at that time, i became His girlfriend, and would remain that until June. June was when i stepped into slavedom, which took a lot of effort for me, as i had been in a very damaging D/s in the years prior, and also because i take my role so very seriously. i’m going to give that it’s very own post though.

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