Merry Christmas

Posted on 22nd December 2012 in Personal

i’ve been busy getting ready for something very major… going to visit Master for my third time. And for Christmas! Master and i both dearly love Christmas. i’ll be meeting the remaining family members, and i’m not nervous at all this time. i am slightly nervous for Christmas dinner, but not too much. So what have i been busy doing, besides what i would normally be doing for a trip? Baking. Lots of baking…oatmeal raisin cookies, triple peanut butter, orange blossoms (not their real name, but what i’m calling them), butterscotch blondies, brownies, and cream cheese banana bread.

Okay, but this blog isn’t about baking, it’s about BDSM. i’m not really nervous about anything this time… not that we’ve done everything there is to do, and so we’re repeating ourselves….not at all. That trust is just building more and more between us. There are things to do….trying out the pretty new flogger i won as a prize, and things involving my breasts. Like tying them up, and more nipple training. If i was nervous about anything, it would be that. It didn’t go well last time. my nipples were entirely too large for regular clothespins. (first world sex problems.) And they’re super super sensitive anyways. So those clothespins hurt. i mean they HURT. Master tried stimulating me in other ways while they were on, but to no avail. i simply couldn’t take them at all. Master says He’s found some that don’t have pinch. i hope they work…otherwise we’ll have to go to the bigger ones that will actually fit me. i know Master very much wants to torture them. And He’s going to tie them up for the first time. i’m quite curious about the effects of that, as that’s not something either of us really have experience in.

i’m hoping everything we do will be awesome, as there have been difficult things that we’ve done that have skeeved me out in the past, and they all turned out somewhere between good and awesome. One of them was playing with food. i know that doesn’t sound iffy to most people, but i was very wary of it the first time. And the first time wasn’t especially pleasant for me. The second time, however, was much better. i really enjoyed it then, having the oil and pudding each spread over me. (The only problem then was combining peanut butter and pudding…. it got the oddest texture and was a pain to wash off…. once i finally got rid of it though, i could laugh about it. While i was trying to wash, though, i was very surly towards Master, as He was laughing, and it pissed me off. But now we can both laugh and joke about it.) The other was something nearly anyone would be put off by… taking Master’s piss over me, and drinking it too. i’ve done it both visits now. The first time, i will admit, i wanted to do it as a bit of oneupmanship. Master had a slave previous to me, and she had taken it over her. i wanted to prove that i could do more, go farther. i did it, and it turned out to be quite a loving moment. i know it might sound a bit off to say that, but it was truly touching. i showed my deepest devotion, and Master and i both cried because of that. In fact, i’m tearing up a bit now thinking back to it. i don’t know yet if we’ll do that again, but i’m prepared either way.

And of course, because it’s Christmas, there will be lots of family time, lots of time we will have to store our pent up lust. It will be difficult, but it must be done. And i’m excited about getting to dress up, as i will be attending my first Midnight Mass. And i’m excited, as it will be the most exposure i’ve really had to what will become my new faith. my ultimate faith, though, is always in Master. i trust Him with my life. i know He will always protect me, and cherish me, even as He uses me. i can’t wait to get started on my trip, and i hope everyone will like what i’ve baked, and the presents i bought. i’m off to finish packing…. Merry Chistmas!

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