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Posted on 25th October 2011 in Uncategorized

Doing this as part of Submissive Guide’s Blog Challenge!

1. i am a owned, collared, and registered slave.

2. i am a BBW, plus sized, big girl, however ya wanna say it. i’m fat, and i’m proud!

3. i’ve been a slave now for just over four months, and with my Master overall for nearly six months.

4. This is my second D/s-BDSM relationship. The first one went so badly, i nearly couldn’t bring myself to become my Master’s slave. i cowered and cried at the idea at first. i wasn’t a slave before, but i was owned.

5. i love live music of nearly any variety.

6. i met my Master online. We knew each other for months before i jumped in front of Him one night to get His attention. We both quickly discovered we each had deeper feelings for one another.

7. i’m naturally really deeply submissive. i always had the urges, but it took the right person to bring it out of me fully.

8. i’m drawn to all sorts of creative things, even though my talents are limited.

9. One of the things i’ve discovered that i REALLY like that surprised me is being bitten. The idea of it always appealed to me, but then when i had it done….wow!!!

10. i adore the feeling wearing my collar gives me. It gives me a sense of confidence, and ironically, power!

11. i feel freer and stronger now that i’m a slave.

12. i wear glasses, and have since the age of 4.

13. my relationship is currently long-distance, but hoping to change that soon. VERY soon.

14. Two of the best (physical) feelings of being a slave: sitting at my Master’s feet, and having Him pull me to Him to kiss me using the ring on my collar. One just makes me feel happy and content, the other makes me feel VERY wanted and submissive and aroused.

15. i’m totally addicted to Etsy.

16. Sometimes, i like to play like i’m a kitty. It can be very fun, and it is always arousing. It also is a very submissive act for me.

17. i recently had my first experience of being bound. It was with a long chain my Master attached to my collar, and then wrapped around me, and He bound my hands behind me briefly. It was quite exciting and i would very much like to try more.

18. my first memories of BDSM go back to early adolescence, probably around 11 or so. my dad had quite an extensive porn stash (this was pre-computer days, mind you!) and i was going through puberty and it was very interesting to me. i noticed i was often drawn to those stories where women were submissive, where they were simply used.

19. i enjoy having all kinds of pet names, even the dirty ones are often endearing to me.

20. Even though i’m not Gorean (nor is my Master), i find the Gorean positions beautiful. i think my favorite one is belly.

21. Despite being naturally submissive, i have tried my hand at being dominant. It’s exciting to be in that role, but it’s not one i think i could take on full time.

22. i have incredibly sensitive nipples. i could almost be controlled by them.

23. The ritual i go through of submitting to my Master calms me down when my brain’s all frantic.

24. i am a smartass, frisky, enthusiastic, and impulsive. Thankfully my Master loves these qualities in me.

25. The thought of being a slave scared me right up until the second i became one. As soon as i had decided to make that leap, i knew it would all be alright.

Well…this was a very interesting exercise! It took more effort than i had initially thought to come up with twenty-five things, but it was very thought-provoking! Looking forward to the next next challenge!

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